Our graduate programme is a flexible course aimed at getting your graduate trainees thinking and working together as a team. We usually run this as a 2-3 day inital programme with a follow up some 4-6 months later. The aim of our course is to:

  • Recognise their is a transition from university to the workplace
  • Help to change their mindset into a working methodology
  • Round off any illusions that they are ‘something special’
  • Embed your company culture into this new team
  • Make informal networks
  • Build friendships

We achieve by taking them out of their comfort zone – they often expect the course to be run in a 4-5* hotel. It’s not. We use bunkbarns and lower cost accommodation.

They spend most of their days outside either problem solving or working on projects.

We aim to get them a little bit tired, hungry and questioning what they are doing on the course. They never know what’s coming next (which often annoys them) as they feel the need to be in control.

Typical two-day programme includes:

Day 1

  • Introductions and welcome
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Inspiring talk from senior company representative – leadership within the business
  • Short problem solving exercises – ropes, planks, puzzles etc
  • Transition from university to work
  • Longer challenges – 3 x 20 minutes
  • Stringtrail
  • Meal challenge – cook a 3 course meal for client senior leadership team

Day 2

  • Review day 1
  • Longer challenges or high ropes course
  • River of life
  • Rollerball
  • 2 hour challenge
  • Key outcomes from the course
  • Action plan into the workplace
  • Course close

Clients who have attended this course: