Short Programme

Extended – with EQi-360 Assessments

Stage 1

Team diagnostic

& fact finding

on-site consultation to establish issues, people, confidentiality, timescales and desired outcomes.

Stage 2 – Optional

Direct reports fact finding session

Confidential discussions with direct reports of the Board to explore issues and desired outcomes.

Stage 3

EQi – 360 – Online

All delegates complete an anonymous 20-30min online EQ 360 assessment of each of the team.

Stage 4

EQi – 360 analysis

Evaluate discussion areas, check +ve and -ve impacts to determine areas for deeper questioning/ review.

Stage 5

EQi – 360 feedback

Individual diagnostic feedback to explore strengths/areas for development & areas of disagreement/ agreement.

Stage 6

EQi – 360 action plan

Written with the team and L&D to form an Action Plan based on the measured EQ 360 results – including measurable actions, timescales, costs, activities etc – to improve and repair the team

Stage 7

KPI Challenge Activities

Challenge Activities designed to facilitate the growth of the team in addition to other relevant targeted areas for development.

Stage 8 – optional

One to one coaching

Sessions embed learning, motivate and keep team members on track.

Stage 9

EQi – 360 – repeat

Repeat assessment & feedback – we observe measured progress against the original requirements and ROI

Stage 10

Review the complete process

Have the team members regained trust, honesty and integrity? Are the team back on track?