Program Objectives:

  • Understand the nature, impact and value of action centred leadership in a VUCA environment
  • Gain insight into the impact of your personal style & preferences on effective leadership
  • Apply the most effective leadership approach to a specific context using the Situational Leadership concept.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Creation of a common leadership foundation within the business thereby removing ambiguity around understanding leadership as a concept, paving the way to a more consistent leadership experience for our employees.
  • Enhanced leadership agility through the application of practical concepts & tools.

Program ROI:

  • This program can have a significant long-term impact on enhancing employee engagement through improved situational leadership, resulting in increased Motivation, Commitment, Impact & ultimately business Performance.

V.U.C.A. – in a business context:

  • Volatile – the rate, amount, and magnitude of change
  • Uncertainty – the amount of unpredictability inherent in issues and events
  • Complexity – the amount of dependency and interac­tive effect of multiple factors and drivers
  • Ambiguity – the degree to which information, situa­tions, and events can be interpreted in multiple ways

For leaders the challenge is not just a leadership challenge (what good leadership looks like), but it is a development challenge (the process of how to grow “bigger” minds) to deal with the world of VUCA.

Clients who have attended this course: