Nucleus Global L2 programme 26th March 15 - 048

Premiere Farnell Team day at Denton 18th Sept 14 - 169

Premiere Farnell Team day at Denton 18th Sept 14 - 103

Nucleus Global Team Event 6th - 8th Aug 14 - 154

The creation of a team is often down to chance with the leader or manager of that team given little leeway in who should be in it. HR gets in the way or the leader just inherits what’s already there.

We believe there is a better way if time and budget allow. Your team members should be selected on criteria that goes beyond the skills to do the task at hand. They should be selected for their ability to:

  • Undertake the functional skills of the job – subject matter experts
  • Get on with the colleagues socially and emotionally
  • Work under pressure
  • Build trust and commitment
  • Be able to laugh, joke and bond with their colleagues

Most companies don’t even get as far as interviewing candidates for a new team role – they are simple put there. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to run a selection process that allows you, the team leader, to assess and select those that best match your needs and were able to work together as a strong team.

We have a day-long programme that can be adapted to your needs that will aid this process. We can run it on or off-site dependent on what space you have available. It’s advisable to select those attending on the basis on their skills and then let us help you with the rest.

You’ll see them under pressure, laughing and sharing success and generally working as a team should – those that work well together can join the team and those that don’t can be sifted out for another position.

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