NHS Watford

Programme for East Lancs Hospital Trust’s entire senior leadership team to tackle winter flu pressures


Tangram was asked to work with the Acute Admission Unit to help resolve some underlying team issues. This included staff turnover, managing a constant flow of agency nurses and operating within a highly pressurised environment.

AkzoNobel Graduate programme 7th - 9th September 2014 - 361


The general hospital in Watford is like most other NHS hospitals in the UK. It faces huge challenges with limited resources. Its workforce is made up of multi-cultural, multi-skilled staff who have a real passion for what they do. However, this great mix of people can inhibit great teams as members struggle with the day-to-day.


The Acute Admission Unit has four wards managed by sisters and overseen by a matron. The wards are very busy 24/7 with a constant flow of new patients. Staff work hard but face a constant battle with limited resources and a constant flow of agency nurses.


Tangram has worked with the leadership team to develop better cross-functional working, increasing teamwork within each ward and utilising the skillsets within the team. In addition we have explored strategies for managing agency staff to best effect.

Each ward has benefitted from a number of facilitated team days where the Now vs Ideal has been scoped out. From the start point we have helped the teams create and implement a map to work towards the Ideal.

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The feedback from the first team away days was very positive and enabled the programme to be rolled out to the other three wards. Within six months a second day was developed and delivered to each ward to take them to the next level of their training.


The team really enjoyed the workshop you ran and have already begun implementing many of the changes we came up with.

Louise Hulquist
Sister AAU