Natwest South West Leadership Team

Conference team building activities to build morale and enhance performance


We were asked to help engage a large senior leadership team for Natwest. They needed an activity that would quickly build team cohesion, boost morale and set them up for the challenges for next year. We achieved this through our highly interactive challenge called Make-a-Million. It delivered on every level and was deemed a huge success by everyone attending and especially the senior leadership team.

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The team of 50+ colleagues are spread over a very large geographic area and come together just once a quarter for meetings and conferences. They also work across different product sectors and rarely get to undertake cross-functional working. In addition, they are under the direction of a new senior leader who requires the team to up their game next year to meet stretching targets.


Tangram listened to the needs of the client and suggested an interactive day called Make-a-Million. This was a multi-faceted selection of team activities that required a comprehensive range of leadership skills, energy, coordination and, above all, fun. The team planned their approach, got stuck in and executed a fantastic series of challenges that delivered their £1m.

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RBS Event 3rd Dec 15 - 005

RBS Event 3rd Dec 15 - 018

RBS Event 3rd Dec 15 - 021


At the close we spent time linking the aims of their conference and the challenges for the year ahead to the programme they had just run. Their key learnings included:

  • The passion and energy of team members
  • How little they knew of each other – both socially and key business skills
  • How tough it is to manage multi-faceted teams
  • Teamwork needs to be worked at ALL the time
  • Having a flexible plan was critical
  • Working together is fun


I have been to many events but can honestly say I have not experienced the buzz yours created for a long time.

Matthew Marsh
Matthew Marsh