Motivational team building activity to help launch their UK conference for 300+ employees


ESRI Are digital mapping experts with offices across the globe. The UK division were holding a national conference and required an activity to build teamwork and communication skills throughout the whole business. Tangram ran a full-day activity based around perpetual motion and inter-team working.

AkzoNobel Graduate programme 7th - 9th September 2014 - 361



Trying to engage 300+ employees at a two-day conference can be challenging. Tangram met with the client to understand what the conference theme was and how it could be integrated into a wider activity.

Basically, the company had recently completed an employee survey which highlighted some key challenges to business operations. These included improvements to: Cross-departmental communication, teamworking and trust levels. The whole company was in attendance which meant multiple skill sets, different attitudes to team working and energy levels.


We devised an extended version of our Chain Reaction activity. This involved splitting the audience into 30 teams of eight people. Each team was designated a colour and given appropriate T shirts and caps – as well as square measuring 4m x 4m. This would be their base for the exercise. Within each square was a random selection of materials which they needed to construct.

esri event 10th jan 089267

esri event 10th jan 089255

esri event 10th jan 089306

esri event 10th jan 089267


  • A well motivated team

  • Key learning points for the team in charge

  • Cross communication between bases

  • Resource management and timekeeping were critical

  • Often those who are the quietest have the answers


This was a well thought out and executed event for our entire office team. Your ‘Chain Reaction’ kept all 300 of us busy and certainly challenged the team who were put in charge. Please thank the team for an excellent day – see you in 12 months time for another one

Neil Calvert
Customer Care Manager