Train the trainer courses to assist global change programme across all employees


Tangram was involved in running a series of train-the-trainer programmes across Europe and further afield to enable DHL team members to roll out their global change programme called Certified International Specialists.

AkzoNobel Graduate programme 7th - 9th September 2014 - 361


DHL was bought by Deutsche Post to expand their global courier business. Since the purchase, the overall performance of the company had gently declined. It was decided that a global culture change was required to try and recapture the ‘can-do’ attitude the company was once proud of.


Each country was required to ‘offer up’ around 30-40 employees who would be trained to deliver the programme. The challenge was to take non-trainers and make them knowledgeable and credible in a relatively short period of time.

Every course run, in whatever language, in whatever country, would have to be delivered in an identical way to ensure consistency across the globe.


An eight day train-the-trainer programme was devised. This focused on running the core course for the first two days. Would-be trainers then had three days to practice and present their sessions to each other – perfecting their knowledge. The final two days focused on ‘words, music, and dance’ – the ability to bring the material ‘alive’ and sell it to the audience.



The programme was rolled out across the globe. Multiple courses were run by Tangram Training across Europe. Almost all attendees were deemed competent enough to go on to run their own courses.


Another great course. Your ability to get even the most reluctant presenter up on their feet and looking good is becoming legendary. Let’s keep this going for phase two and beyond.

Andy Downes