DRAX Team Day 29th Nov 2012 - 274



Great teams need constant stimulation to ensure they perform at the highest levels. The work environment usually provides this stimulation but often they need a break from the norm.

We undertake programmes that will take your teams away from the the comfort and security of their work environment – both physically and emotionally. This can be in the great outdoors, like the course we ran for a senior leadership team at Lloyds Bank or in a village hall such as the course completed by East Lancs Hospital Trust.

We feel it’s important to take teams away from the day-to-day grind of their jobs and into an environment that aids learning, bonding and development. Client feedback shows that getting out of the office has huge benefits to embedding the learning and allowing the team time and space to create high performance.

Our approach is to spend time with you and the team to understand their needs and those of the business. We aim to define:

  • The outcomes required – start with the end in mind
  • What the team has done to date in it’s development
  • What its strengths and weaknesses are
  • What ‘buttons’ needs to be pressed to stimulate debate and actions
  • We often use the Five Dysfunctions of a Team as a start-point for discussions
  • We can incorporate psychometric profiling

Programmes can last from a few hours to multiple days. Often we complete a number of courses over a 12 month period to ensure continuity and ongoing development.

Case Studies