We love what we do and we’re great at doing it. Don’t take our word for it – our clients think the same as they keep coming back to us for more. We pride ourselves on our client relationships and multi-year programmes. Operating out of UK but on a global basis, our services can develop the hidden potential of your employees and colleagues and build a dream team capable of achieving goals with a higher degree of co-operation and efficiency. Our cutting edge training methods and personality (profile) analysis come together to unlock success for your company.

Five BIG Reasons

The five big reasons why we can help you deliver more with your teams:

  1. We always ‘start with the end in mind’. It sounds simple but your outcomes are really important to us and determine what we do for you
  2. Taking point 1, we’ll also challenge you and your teams IF we think there is a better way to manage, lead or execute your outcomes
  3. Benefit from our extensive client list – and all the issues and challenges we’ve helped them overcome
  4. We have too much energy for our own good but love to funnel it into the work we do for you
  5. We care – it comes across it all the feedback we get. We really want you to succeed.

Tangram Training was incorporated back in 2003 with the aim of offering distinctive and innovative training for business teams. Over the years we have been privileged to work with wonderful companies and fabulous teams. This makes every day a pleasure to be doing what we do.

Our People

Mark Hide

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Mark combines his passion for exploration and travel with his corporate training knowledge. He has travelled to over thirty countries around the world including jungles, deserts and high altitude mountain ranges. Mark has been part of the leadership teams of expeditions to countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cameroon and Borneo. In the summer of 2003 he was deputy leader on a successful attempt on Mount McKinley in Alaska, with temperatures as low as -45ºC. He’s also spent the last twenty years training and preparing teams to undertake expeditions around the world, including Russia, Gambia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Sahara, Thailand, Belize and Nepal. Mark has lived in Hong Kong where he worked as an instructor at the Outward Bound School. His duties included running 10-day adventure courses for clients such as Hong Kong Bank and Cathay Pacific.

In a previous life Mark was a sales & marketing director and gained an MBA, majoring in people development. He has managed teams of over 500+ personnel and controlled multi-million budgets and all the stresses and strains that comes with that level of responsibility. With this knowledge he is now able to offer training advice and run courses that fulfil a purpose and deliver the desired effect.

Stuart Rose

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A graduate in Geological Sciences from the University of Leeds, Stuart has been developing people and building teams throughout his life. Initially, he was leading expeditions to the Alps, Arctic Norway, The Himalayas and Central & South America with young people, but as time went on he realised that the skills possessed by an expedition team are exactly the same as the ones required in business. Stuart’s first major expedition, with fellow Leeds graduate Kenton Cool, was to the North Face of Kussum Kanguru (6367m), in the Khumbu region of Nepal. He and the team reached the summit in five days after completing a new route on the face. He returned to the Himalayas numerous times of the next ten years leading further treks, expeditions and community projects.

Stuart has also worked as a well site geologist, offshore in the North Sea. He was contracted to Shell, BP, Lasmo, Phillips and Total in both the UK and Norwegian sectors. In between expeditions, travel, getting married and having three children, Stuart became a director of tangram training at its inception and began the delivery of exceptional team building events and people development programmes. Within this period Stuart gained a great understanding of people; their needs, aspirations, feelings and goals, as well as the need for effective team working, communication and team collaboration in any organisation, no matter what industry and no matter what situation or position. He is also a qualified summer and winter mountain leader, rock climber and raft guide. Stuart is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Jim Bonney


In 2001 as a junior ‘bootneck’ officer, Jim was involved in attempting an unclimbed mountain route on an Alaskan summit, it was the perfect opportunity into professional adventure – fate had other plans. A 1000 foot fall signaled an unexpected change in life plan. 2 broken legs, a critically injured climbing partner, an epic remote rescue. The challenge and rigor of learning to walk again taught Jim the value of teamwork, leadership, resilience and cheerfulness under adversity; in the starkest way possible. Sink or swim. Opportunity or Threat. A lengthy and emotional recovery followed for Jim, his wife and wider family, electing to amputate a mangled ankle and against the odds regaining his Green beret as an amputee to continue to lead Commandos “Per Mare Per Terram” – By Sea By Land. He led training teams at the Commando Training Centre delivering Royal Marines to operational theatres around the globe. He specialised in amphibious operations in remote and mountainous regions and was instrumental in delivering unique and specialist recovery programs using adventure to engage the physical and psychological recovery of wounded Marines.

Retiring from the Royal Marines in 2010 Jim set up an independent team (Adventure Rehab Ltd.); that leads active civilians through their recovery from amputation and he focused on providing a unique consultancy to the UK recovery process for traumatically injured amputees who wanted to return to active lives. Jim is also a valued facilitator for Training Training and has help shape and develop the business since inception. He is always their to help clients and attendees push themselves that little bit more.