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Looking for a Trusted Partner to Develop your High Performing Teams?

Tangram Training works with UK and global companies to improve leadership and teamwork through innovative training, coaching and development.

We take your teams from good to great! Working in partnership, we’ll develop a strategic plan ­beginning with the ‘end in mind’. This plan is then implemented through a combination of workshops, psychometric analysis, experiential learning and facilitated learning.

We offer solutions that work – and rarely will you see us using PowerPoint. We like our client teams to see, feel and experience what high performance is really like. You can’t read that in a book.

“I’ve worked with these guys since my days at HBOS, then Lloyds and now at Ensek. They really know what they’re doing. Hire them, use them, get to know them ­and let them know your teams – you’ll not be disappointed.”

Mark Wright
Ensek Group, Nottingham, England

Our Solutions



We assist companies in the creation of new teams for projects. You have the knowledge of their skills which we then match with team­ skills and emotional intelligence to ensure the highest possible success rates going forward.



Many teams believe they are high performing – yet this is rarely the case. We assess where your team is at and where it needs to be. We then offer appropriate facilitated support to to achieve this position.



Teams should never stop learning. We offer a range of programmes that will get your teams working smarter, more effectively and address specific issues or challenges within the business – be that skill or people based.

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Teams often get in a rut. To help avoid this we provide 1-2 day adventure-based challenges that will stimulate and invigorate your senior teams to really push themselves. Outcomes are always linked back to your business needs.

Psychometrics and Profiling

To augment our facilitated training and leadership programmes we often use various psychometric tools to help attendees find out about themselves and their teams.

TeamKITE – Powering Team Performance

A cutting edge online application that powers high performance through internal and external data analysis and benchmarking.

Log in to TeamKite online, anytime, anywhere on your mac, pc, tablet or phone and see up to date, real time team performance data

Client Work

Howden’s Joinery
Team Development Programme

High Performing Teams

High performing teams and high performance teamwork are the holy grail for many organisations. They believe putting well-qualified and experienced employees together and heading it up with someone slightly more so will will make them a high performing team. We see this often and the results are usually well below par for most of them.

In our experience a High Performing Team needs space to grow and evolve into its role. Bruce Tuckman, way back in 1965 created his team development model. When teams see this they usually rate themselves in the Performing box when the reality is still Forming.

By working through our programmes, we see many teams have yet to establish group norms, high levels of trust and excellent communication channels. Without these, they will only ever perform at mediocre levels.

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